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Business and Commercial Litigation—Overview                                  


Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of business litigation and commercial litigation. Some of the legal issues handled by our attorneys include:


Business Disputes: We are pleased to assist business professionals and business owners in a wide range of business and commercial litigation. Some of the business disputes we handle include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, interference with prospective clients, breach of warranty, trade secret infringement, trademark and copyright infringement, vendor/vendee disputes, partnership disputes, merger and acquisition disputes, joint venture disputes, capital disputes, investment disputes and real estate disputes.


Breach of Contract: We have extensive experience litigating contract disputes, including claims involving purchase and sales agreements, construction contracts, franchise agreements, partnership agreements, trade agreements, vendor agreements, real estate contracts, business sales agreements, supply contracts, investment and capital agreements, parts contracts, warranty agreements and joint venture agreements.


Business Fraud: We represent plaintiffs and defendants in business fraud cases, including consumers, business professionals and business owners.


Real Estate Litigation: We assist purchasers, sellers, investors, developers and contractors in a wide range of residential real estate litigation and commercial real estate litigation.


Franchise Litigation: We represent franchisors and franchisees involved in a business dispute regarding a franchise. We are pleased to assist with the litigation of most franchise-related disputes including breach of a franchise agreement, business fraud, trademark and copyright infringement and failure to make required payments.


Class Action Defense: If your business is facing a class action lawsuit, we can help. We handle a broad range of class action disputes involving business and commercial transactions.

Consumer Fraud Defense: If you are a business facing allegations of consumer fraud, we can help. We have decades of legal experience. We are skilled in negotiation and trial practice and will seek the best possible results on behalf of all clients.


Litigation: Non-Competition Agreements: We assist employees seeking to get out of a noncompete agreement and businesses seeking to enforce a noncompete agreement or file a suit for money damages caused by a breach of a noncompete agreement.


Federal and New York Whistleblower Protection: If you have information about fraud against the United States government or bribery of foreign officials by U.S. companies in order to obtain a competitive business advantage, you may be entitled under the False Claims Act or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to a substantial reward in exchange for providing such information to the federal government as a whistleblower.



Our firm has offices in New York, New York. We represent clients throughout the New York Metro area. We also currently represent clients in 31 other states. To contact an experienced New York business and commercial litigation attorney, call (866) 204-1020 or call locally at (212) 481-1336. You may also contact us by email:

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