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Consumer Fraud Defense Attorneys                                                  


States across the nation have powerful consumer protection laws that are designed to punish businesses for false or fraudulent advertising, marketing and selling of consumer products. In addition to money damages, many state consumer protection laws provide for the provision of attorneys’ fees to prevailing plaintiffs in a consumer fraud lawsuit.


If your business is facing a lawsuit for consumer fraud, you will need experienced legal representation to aid in your defense. Holman Law is pleased to provide experienced and dedicated legal representation on behalf of individuals, business professionals and business owners facing allegations of fraud. Holman Law handles claims involving allegations of consumer fraud, business fraud, insurance fraud and credit card fraud. We handle individual claims as well as class action litigation.


Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft: Facts and Figures


A March 2011 report of the Federal Trade Commission found that complaints to the FTC about identity theft topped its list, accounting for 19 percent of the 1,339,265 complaints filed that year. Other top categories of fraud complaints for 2010 included:

  • Debt Collection - 11 percent

  • Internet Services - 5 percent

  • Prizes ⁄ Sweepstakes ⁄ Lotteries - 5 percent

  • Shop-at-Home ⁄ Catalog Sales - 4 percent

  • Imposter Scams - 4 percent

  • Internet Auction - 4 percent

  • Foreign Money Offers ⁄ Counterfeit Check Scams - 3 percent

  • Telephone and Mobile Services - 3 percent

  • Credit Cards – 2 percent


To consult with a consumer fraud defense lawyer, call Holman Law at (212) 481-1336 or contact us by email.

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