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Holman Law's Legal Guides

Trustee and executors have an almost overwhelming number of legal obligations. This guide is designed to enumerate the fiduciary's responsibilities and personal liabilities, some steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate potential pitfalls, and the availability of legal and other assistance.

The equal employment statutes affect all phases of the employment process, from the initial advertising of a job vacancy through the hiring, promotion, discipline, termination, and retirement of an employee. The rule remains the same at each stage of the employment process: an employer is prohibited from treating job applicants or employees differently on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicap.

If your stockbroker gives you bad information, you can sustain significant losses as a result of their fraud or other misconduct. This guide will list some of the problem areas where you are likely to consider filing claims against your broker.

The last few years have focused attention on the art of negotiations for lawyers—and for good reason. Obviously lawyers have been using negotiation as a prime practice tool since the concept of lawyering began. Holman Law places emphasis on negotiation and tries to find and use alternatives to litigation. Holman Law will litigate aggressively for its clients but is also interested in exploring mediation, arbitration, and in the negotiation of a good and fair settlement for its clients.

There are certain simple guidelines in the area of pre-employment practices that, if followed, can be very helpful in avoiding the risk of litigation.

Most larger employers communicate their terms and conditions to employees both orally and in the form of employee handbooks or manuals. There are various pros and cons in using employee handbooks. The “pros” are that handbooks are the best way of communicating the employer’s policies and regulations.

Litigation against a securities broker differs from other types of litigation. In this guide there will be several tips if you decide to bring a claim against your broker.

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