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Attorney and Client Testimonials                                                             


Thomas A. Holman is a dedicated lawyer who has successfully represented everyone from small business owners to securities traders and fellow attorneys. If you are in the New Jersey or New York area and are seeking representation in a business law or fraud case, having a lawyer like Tom Holman at your side can improve your chance of a successful outcome.

View the testimonials below to find out why fellow attorneys and former clients alike do not hesitate to recommend Attorney Thomas Holman:


Attorney Endorsements


From Robert J. Cynkar, a former high-level Justice Department lawyer and now a leading U.S. Constitutional expert and Virginia-based litigator in private practice:


"Tom Holman is a first-rate litigator. He is creative in his strategic thinking, yet pays close attention to the details of any matter. He patiently gets to the bottom of any problem in a case, and thoughtfully devises workable solutions. He is a lawyer of great personal and professional integrity. On top of that, he is a down-to-earth guy. To clients, he is very approachable and concerned about their goals and needs. To lawyers working with him, Tom is a great colleague, a real team player who wants to achieve the very best result for the client. Tom is a real pleasure to work with."


From Gregg Borri, a New York commercial litigation lawyer:


"Tom is a lawyer’s lawyer. Creative, bright, ethical, experienced, and tenacious - Tom leaves no stone unturned in his zealous and effective representation of his clients. I highly recommend him."


From Roy H. Carlin, Esq., a New York attorney:


"Tom Holman represented me as Executor of an Estate of a person who died at 95. His significant portfolio declined 75 percent in the last two years of his life. Through a difficult arbitration, Tom achieved a wonderful result. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others needing a lawyer for a securities lawsuit or arbitration."


Client Endorsements


From Patrick S., a New York securities trader:


"Recently, I was the plaintiff in a difficult and complex securities lawsuit. Tom Holman was my lawyer and handled the case with great skill. It did not matter to Tom that the companies I was suing had dozens of lawyers to fight my case. He fought very hard for me and his work paid off for me. He achieved a very good settlement in my favor. I was impressed with the amount of communication from Tom. He sent me numerous email reports whenever there was a development in the case. I felt that he listened to everything that I had to say. His fees were reasonable. I enthusiastically recommend Tom Holman to anyone needing a lawyer with a securities-related claim."


From Brian D., a law student in Chicago, Illinois:


"Tom Holman represented me in an arbitration proceeding (at the National Association of Securities Dealers). He did an excellent job and I was entirely satisfied with his representation of me. The arbitrator ruled entirely in my favor. Tom kept me fully informed of the progress of the case and consulted me whenever my input was needed. He charged a reasonable fee. I would not hesitate to recommend this lawyer to anyone needing a lawyer to handle a securities related arbitration."


From Adam I., a small business owner:


"Tom has been my lawyer for the last twenty years. In one case he represented me and my four fellow band members in a lawsuit against Yoko Ono. Tom won every decision in the case including one that was appealed by her lawyers. Finally, Yoko agreed to a settlement. When I was involved in an employment dispute, I asked Tom to take over my representation from another lawyer and as soon as Tom took over the case, rulings were issued in my favor, and the case was settled. He also represented me in a consumer class action case when I sued Sony Records and other companies for compact disc price fixing. A settlement was achieved in that case also. I do not hesitate to recommend Tom to others needing a first-rate lawyer."


From Alan L., a small business owner:


"When I need an attorney I call Tom. Fifteen years ago he set up my corporation. Later, when we made an acquisition and were facing some difficulties from a rival bidder, Tom Holman settled the matter quickly, efficiently and completely in our favor, without resort to courts. He later successfully litigated against a debtor achieving for us, everything we were owed. And, recently Tom prepared our wills. The most welcome thing about Tom is that he answers telephone calls promptly and guides us from a seemingly inexhaustible store of legal knowledge."


From Robert F., a writer and sociologist:


"Tom Holman represented me in a claim against my university regarding my doctoral thesis. He took on a case no other lawyer I contacted wanted to handle and he negotiated a reasonable settlement. I was most satisfied with the work Tom did on a difficult case and I recommend him without reservation to others needing legal assistance. He is an effective and caring lawyer."


From A Wrongful Termination Client:


"When my situation arose, I didn’t have an attorney and had no idea where to find one. I searched on the internet and found a listing for Tom’s practice. Soon after speaking with Tom, I met him at his office and we discussed my case involving a wrongful termination. Immediately, Tom put me at ease, both with his demeanor and with his approach to the issue at hand. Over the several months that it took to resolve my case, Tom not only became my legal counsel, someone who I could count on for his vast experience in dealing with cases like mine, but he also became a good friend, always giving me words of support and providing a positive outlook. I found that he was always there for me. He was always extremely responsive if I left a message or emailed him (even contacting me on the weekends). My case was resolved within a few months and I was very pleased with the outcome. Since the time Tom has worked on my cases, I’ve recommended his services to others, as it’s not often you meet someone with such dedication and passion in the legal arena."


Contact our offices in New York (we’re close to New Jersey as well) if you would like to schedule a consultation with business fraud lawyer Thomas A. Holman.

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